Q?Where should you install or place your vending machine?

The specific locations may vary depending on the type of business you have, but the goal is always the same: place the beverage machines in locations that will receive the most foot traffic and in areas that will be the most profitable.

When you sign up for Premier Vend Group vending solutions free vending services we send out a representative to survey your business. Our vending service professional will determine the best locations and how many vending machines should be installed.

Q?What sizes of vending machines are available?

The most standard soda vending machine measures 72″H x 39″W x 33″D. However, if the machine is going to be placed inside an enclosure it is best to allow for 80″H x 45″W x 40″D. These dimensions take in consideration the space for the door opening as well as room in the back of the machine for the plug-in and the need for air movement for the compressor.

Q?What types of vending machines are available?

Coke machines, Pepsi machines, drink machines, soda machines, pop machines, juice machines, water machines, beverage machines, and snack machines are all available through Premier Vend Group, regardless of what you call them. As far as beverage machines are concerned, we have both bottle (20oz) and can (12oz) machines. We also have a variety of snack machines available.

Q?What are the requirements to place a snack machine?

Unlike sodas, snacks have a much shorter shelf life. It is important that the snack machine does enough volume so the products do not spoil. The bigger the office the better when it comes to snack vending. Premier Vend Group requires at least 75 employees before we will place a snack vending machine. Also, because the bulk of vending revenue is derived from the soda machine, it is often difficult to find a vending operator to place a snack machine without also handling the beverage vending onsite as well.

Q?What are the requirements to place a soda machine?

In order for a soda machine to work in a business Premier Vend Group requires at least 40 employees or a high amount of customer traffic. Hotels/Motels generally need at least 20 rooms to support a soda machine and apartment buildings generally need 100 plus apartments at the facility.

Q?How does Full Service Vending work?

It is our goal to be the best customer service company in the vending business. We full service all of our vending machines. This means we manage every conceivable facet of your vending program. We take care of everything. Vending Solutions understands that your time is very important. Leave the vending to us.